Tri Harder

Okay, so I’m signed up for a triathlon at the end of the summer. I’m a couple of weeks into my training, and I haven’t gotten very far.

Swim: man is this hard. I can’t breathe, which makes endurance really difficult. When I rotate to breathe, one of two things happens. Either I don’t rotate properly, and I get a mouthful of water, or I do get my mouth out, and I take a big gasp like I’m going to be submerged for 20 minutes, which leads to hyperventilation. How on earth do swimmers do it? I just don’t get it.

Fortunately, UT is going to save me. I’m planning to sign up for a swim class later this month. That should help.

Bike: My body was built with bicycles in mind, I’m loving saddle time. I haven’t ridden my road bike in a few weeks now. I have, however, gotten some great mountain bike rides in. If I make it through the swim, I’m going to smoke some people on the bike.

Run: I’ve gotten a couple of good runs in, but I still don’t have the endurance. To date I have focused on running the least. I’ll pick that up towards the end of this month.

I have been attending Jack & Adam’s core strength training group for the past couple of weeks. I really hurt when I leave, but I can already tell a difference. Its good to be getting in shape.

My girlfriend competed in the CapTexTri this past Memorial day, so I went out to support her. She won her category! It was fun to be there and experience all of the excitement. And it was encouraging for me. The oldest person I saw was in his 70’s, and he was competing in the olympic distance tri. I hope I’m competing in triathlons when I’m 70. Wait, I take that back, I hope I’m still riding my bike when I’m 70.