My summer semester began yesterday, so I don’t have as much free time anymore. Still, I gotta post something, so I’m cramming a lot into this.

First, announcing another friend’s blog. Its cool to me how many people are blogging now. Y’all welcome B-Dub’s Girl. See, its called that because she really is B-Dub‘s girl. That’s what makes it funny.

Second, I learned a couple of new words this week. I thought I’d share, not only the words, but the story.

  • Siphonapterology – there was a big national spelling bee this week. I heard a clip on NPR, a little girl was given this word to spell, and her response was, “Okaaayyyy…” I busted out laughing and looked it up. Its the study of fleas. I would not have spelled it correctly, but I have other skills. I can, for instance, lift really heavy things.
  • Pescatarian – another NPR word. Terry Gross asked someone famous, I think maybe it was Arnold Schwarzenegger, maybe it was someone else, it really isn’t important to the story, if he was a vegetarian. He said no he’s a pescatarian. It means the only animal meat he eats is fish.

My spring semester ended a couple of weeks ago. For the first time in my scholastic history, I didn’t agree with the grades I received, so I went to speak to the professors. I’m glad I did, because two of them miscalculated my final grade (the one that stays on my transcript). I’ve never had that happen before, so it was more than a little disconcerting to have it happen twice in one semester. But, we worked it out and they were both glad to correct the error.

As I said at the top, my summer semester began this week. I’m only in two classes at the moment, a math class and an engineering class. My math prof is sharp, I like him, it looks like the class will be good. But, his voice sounds like that of Winnie The Pooh. I keep expecting him to break from covering algebra and tell us how Piglet is doing. Please don’t tell him I said that.

I haven’t met my other prof yet, he has a grad student covering for him until next week. But, I like the class so far.

I’m still working on my longer posts. One is a multi-part essay on why I believe high gas prices are good for us. I’m about half way through two of the entries, and have ideas for more. The other is a lengthy update on my spiritual life, that one may take longer.

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  1. The voice of Winnie-the-Pooh was also the voice of Kaa the Cobra in The Jungle Book. Be careful and don’t look straight into his eyes.

  2. Hmm, that’s probably a good piece of advice. I’ll focus on the numbers, and let the other students get hypnotized by his swirling eyes.

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