I’m a week into my break between semesters, and so far its been great. I did go skiing on Friday afternoon. It was my second time so far this season, and for some unexplained reason, I’m doing better on a slalom ski than I ever have before. I don’t understand it, but I sure am enjoying it.

Saturday I woke up early, went for a run with BK, then packed for camping. That afternoon my girl and I went to Enchanted Rock and camped in one of their primitive camping areas. We got a nice hike in, which helped a lot when I was trying to sleep that night.

Sunday we hiked to the top of the rock. There was an older couple that hiked all the way to the top and back. We guessed that they’re both in their 70’s, and it really was awesome to visit with them as they hiked up & back. Its no small feat to get to the top of that rock, and it really was encouraging that they completed the hike!

On the way back we stopped in Llano for some Cooper’s BBQ. Mmmmm. When we got back to Austin, we showered and went to her folk’s for dinner. Her Mom is a great cook. We had steak with garden fresh veggies, followed by home made key lime pie and home made vanilla ice cream. Sound good? It was. You should be jealous.

This morning it was back to work. But, after work, I went to Jack & Adams for core strength training. I’m now in training mode. And I feel it. I’m sore.

Was majorly bummed to watch my Spurs lose to the Mavericks tonight. I had hope in the 4th quarter because most of the Mav’s starters had fouled out. But they dominated us in OT, and we didn’t recover. I’m bummed that my team lost, but the Mavs totally earned it.

As I write this game 7 of the Suns-Clippers series is on, and the Suns are up in the 2nd quarter. I say crush the Clippers.