Esoteric Spam

Have you taken a look in your spam folder lately? I go through mine every once in a while to mark them as ‘read’ so that I don’t have to see how many unread messages there are. Spam is getting more and more weird.

Now, I’ll concede that spam writers have a challenge. Everyone has a spam filter now, so they have to be creative to get a message through to the inbox. But it can’t be that hard, I mean, I do it dozens of times a week. But the spam I’ve been getting lately isn’t even coherent.

“ggg diamond simulant…” I guess they forgot to spell check. Another says “us military phonetic alphabet”.

No link, just that. There are much longer ones, too, but they’re just as nonsensical. Now lets suppose that somehow I’m interested in buying… something… from them. I’m not exactly sure how I could contribute to their cause.

Old school spam I understand. They’re selling something, so they send an unwanted email with a link. But this new spam, how does anyone benefit from either end? I don’t get it.

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  1. I just want to know who the geeks are that sit behind a computer and put together that crap. I mean cmon’, what a waste of friggin energy and time. Be gone SPAMMERS!

  2. Here’s one I got about a year ago that was so absurd that I saved it and my sniping response to it (which I won’t reproduce). It was from a “Rosetta Doyle,” the subject line was “Warning, your account will be closed,” and the body of the email ran thus:

    Good morning,

    Nice speaking to you yesterday. I am your personal account manager. I am emailing to let you know that your application was approved, and that you are eligible for our exclusive low rates.

    If you would like to inquire about these privileged rates, I ask that you fill out this short form.

    Here is the form: [website]

    If I can be of any other assistance, please let me know.


    Amber Ford
    Executive Account Manager

    The only reason I can think of that they don’t even bother to make the sender and subject line have anything to do with the message body (which itself is from someone who obviously did not “speak to” any of the recipients!) is that they’re trolling for the stupidest people out there. Which may not be far from the truth.

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