I’ve been studying math for days now, so for dinner I decided to treat myself to sushi. There’s a great sushi place that’s affordable on Lamar that we like to go to once in a while, and it was on my way home, so I stopped. The Salmon Maki Rolls are fantastic.

While I was in line I noticed these Japanese soft drinks that come in the coolest bottles. If you look at it at the right angle, it kind of looks like it has a creepy face on it. As soon as I saw it I had to have it.

Japanese Strawberry Carbonated Soft Drink

So I got it (obviously). It was pretty challenging to open, actually. That little glass ball inside is held in place by the pressure, so you have to push it down, and its not exactly an intuitive process. But I totally enjoyed it. Japanese Strawberry Carbonated Soft Drink and Salmon Maki Rolls, they totally go together.

So after my meal, I started reading the label on my cool new bottle, and my satisfaction with my purchase went up even higher.


For even more delicious this drink chill before drinking.

No thank you. This is delicious enough for me.

And then I read through the warnings.

Do not allow small children to open the bottle. Adults should open the bottle for small children.

Parental supervision is advised for small children.

Um, I’m not sure its a good idea for me to have carbonated soft drinks that aren’t safe for children.

I cracked up. That is just awesome.

Okay, I’ve got to get back to studying. If you enjoyed this, then you’ll probably love Engrish.com.

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  1. Oh, in addition to the humour, I didn’t mention that the soda was good. The strawberry kind was good. They have another kind as well, but the lady at the counter said it was like bubblegum lemon-lime flavor. I’d recommend sticking with the strawberry.

  2. Your Japanese bottle was patented bleeding edge tech around 130 years ago!! It’s called a Codd bottle, named after the inventor. What person with an engineering mindset could help but fall head over heels for that design??? There are gorgeous antique examples – the best have a cobalt blue marble stopper.

    Codd Stopper, circa: 1872-1920

    Invented by: Hiram Codd in 1872, England

    American Patent: April 29, 1873

    A marble in the neck was pushed up against a rubber gasket in the lip to seal the bottle. The pressure of the carbonated beverage inside kept the marble in place. Theses bottles had to be filled upside down in order for the marble properly seat. The indentations in the neck kept the marble from clogging when the contents were poured out. There were many similar patents that all worked on the same basic principle.

    That history of invention is pretty cool, as the best minds of the age competed for the killer stopper design:


    The evolution of bottle closures was a hot bed of invention all the way up to the time that our familiar (boring) crown cap came along – and homogenized bottle closures ever after.


    You can find cool Codd bottles on eBay – here’s the current crop on eBay, including your Japanese soda. They gotta be the coolest patent stopper ever.


  3. Right on! I should have guessed that my own Dad would know all about this (my Dad has collected antique and unique bottles since I was a kid).

    That’s a pretty cool history. Who knew that soda bottles had such a cool story behind them? Now I like my bottle even more.

    I also checked out eBay. Prices for my bottle are currently around $8. That’s not quite enough profit to cover my sushi dinner. I better hold on to it awhile and let its value appreciate.

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