My weekend was good. I worked some, caught up on studies, did some laundry, and spent a few hours out on the lake with several friends. I even got to ski for a bit, it was awesome. It felt good to have time at home to catch up on random stuff that needs to get done.

My semester is winding down, and finals are approaching. I’m not sweating them like I have in previous semesters, but I still have a lot of work to do. This semester I have four. Fortunately they’re spread out over four days. One per day, four days in a row. At least this way if I panic over one, I’ve got a full day to recover for the others. I’ve already started meeting with other students to prepare. Its been a good semester, but I’ll be glad when its done.

I may work on this site a little over the break between semesters. But, then again, I may not.

I generally haven’t had the time to keep up with basketball, but I just read a little. My Spurs are 2-2 in a playoff series with Sacramento. Dang. Go Spurs Go! Looks like the Mavs are about to sweep Memphis. Sweet!

And then, there’s the Lakers. Did I ever mention that I hate the Lakers? I guess maybe I don’t hate the Lakers, just Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant. Jordanesque… whatever. I hope they choke and the Suns sweep them from this point forward.

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