Thank You For Smoking

Liz & I saw Thank You For Smoking last night. I anticipated it being good, the whole concept is clever. I was very impressed, we both loved it.

The story’s main character and narrator is Nick Naylor, the main lobbyist for a conglomeration of tobacco companies, and as such is not well received most places that he goes. But, he’s a likable guy and I found myself on his side early in the film, in spite of the product that he’s defending.

If that weren’t enough, his two best friends are lobbyists for alcohol and gun conglomerates. All of this tension leads to hilarity throughout the film. I was laughing out loud through most of the movie. In fact, I kind of want to see it again because I’m sure I missed some great lines while I was laughing.

And just to keep the plot from becoming too serious, Naylor pokes fun at himself as he teaches his son the loose ethics required to do his job well. This was both thought provoking and fun.

I say two thumbs up.

I don’t think I’ve seen any of Jason Reitman‘s previous films, but I want to see more. Oh, and here’s his blog.