178 Miles

I didn’t take another picture during the BP MS150. After lunch on Saturday, we hit the road again, and it got hot. I didn’t hear an official temperature reading, but I think it was in the 90’s. And I felt it. All afternoon.

Saturday’s ride from Houston to La Grange is 100 miles. I made it 90 miles and finally my legs were too stiff and sore to continue, I had to ride the sag wagon through the last leg of the trip. Saturday night, I showered, ate, got a massage then went to bed.

Sunday, I sagged through most of the trip. At that point I was sleep deprived, exhausted, and in pain. But, I did ride the first leg and the last leg of the day. While I was tired, it was a blast to ride into Austin and cross the finish line. The route went through campus, which was really fun.

So, I didn’t finish the entire course. However, I feel pretty good about riding 110 miles with very little training. My longest ride prior to this weekend was 23 miles. I figured I’d go 50, didn’t expect to make it through to 90.

And, I learned about riding, too. I think if I had managed my ride a little better, I might have made it the entire distance on Saturday, and ridden further on Sunday as well.

I took a couple of breaks early on Saturday, and that was probably a mistake. If I could have gotten further in the ride before the heat of the day, I imagine I would have had enough energy left when I reached the last waypoint, and likely could have finished. But riding through hills in the heat of the day was brutal. I had to stop to rest several times.

I did run into Mike on Sunday, we didn’t have much time for a chat, but it was still cool to bump into him and say hello.

Its worth noting that my girlfriend smoked me all weekend long. She’s been training for the upcoming season of triathlons, and was more than prepared for this ride. Saturday she was sweet and stuck with me all day. I’m convinced she could have posted a competitive time had she chosen to ride at her normal pace. Sunday she did ride strong, and even though I spent much of the morning riding the sag wagon she still arrived in Austin before I did.

In spite of the pain and exhaustion, it was a blast to spend time on my road bike. I have a new appreciation for it, and am eager to put some more miles on it. I love my Litespeed!

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  1. Congrats. It’s a great feeling to coast back into Austin. I always say Austin is a great place to come home to, even better when you’ve had to work for every mile. Hope you’ve recovered.

  2. Yeah, amazingly, I felt fine by Monday. I credit Saturday night’s massage for this, as I don’t think I’m necessarily in the best shape. So you did it twice in the early 90’s, any interest in doing it again, or is cycling not your thing anymore?

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