Now that I’ve had a couple of days with my new computer, I still love it. And, I’ve had time to work with my old computer. My intent was to get the data off of the drive, then worry about whether or not I’d get it working again. Well, I got lucky, in the process of recovering my data, I fixed it. I now have two fully functioning Dell laptops. Bully for me!

Somehow the filing system on my old system became corrupt. I ran CHKDSK on the drive with the fix and recover enabled and everything was restored, good as new. Once I did that it booted right up, all my applications run, all my data is there, its like nothing ever happened.

I’m not exactly sure how that occurred, I’m just glad that I was able to recover my data. I’m planning to sell the old one on eBay to offset the expense of my new one. I’d kinda like to keep the old one and install Linux on it, but I don’t really need two computers. Even in my geekiest state.

So this story has a happy ending. Recovered data, recovered computer. And, I didn’t even need my backups, I was able to retrieve all my data from the computer itself.

I feel pretty fortunate to have been able to resolve this on my own. Years ago I worked in tech support, but I’ve forgotten most of what I know, and most of what I remember pertains to Windows 98 (blech). I’m sure if I had paid someone they would have had it fixed in a couple of hours. It took me two weeks.

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