Here’s something that I learned today. When you’re riding your bike around town, and you’re near a road that has just been paved, you don’t want to ride through the fresh tar. Even if it means that you save time by not waiting for the light.

That tar sticks to everything, doesn’t come off very easily, and leaves a stain once removed. Plus its gooey so you make an even bigger mess when trying to get it off of stuff.

And then, if you do happen to get that tar splattered all over you and your stuff, be sure to not put some of that stuff that has tar on it in your pockets or book bag. Because then the tar gets all over even more of your stuff. And when you put your hand in your pocket for your keys or something, you get even more tar all over yourself.

So, the lesson here is: if you’re on your bicycle, and near an area that’s being paved, you should be careful to find away around the tar. Tar is really great for the roads, but really ugly on you.

I hope this first installment of Stuff I’ve Learned has been helpful to you.

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  1. Dude that’s awesome. I plan to log some miles this weekend. At this point I’m concerned that I’m going to need the sag wagon. But I’m not giving up. I’m going to ride!

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