Well, I have an update on my computer. After my last post I did some research online and thought maybe it was a software thing. So I went home with some new insight and did some testing. I don’t think any of my hardware is damaged, but I think ALL of my software and data is toast. Kaput. Sianara. Gone. Dammit.

Using fdisk I can see the drive and partition information, but DOS won’t recognize the drive. I can’t tell you how much that sucks. I did a backup of my hard drive about a month ago, so I think (*hope*) that I’ll be able to recover my data.

But, on the plus side, a new computer is on the way. I also did some research on new computers, and I found a great deal on a new Dell (DUDE, I’m getting a Dell!) laptop. So, I should have a new computer in a couple of weeks. And once I get all of my data back, I’ll reinstall the O/S on my old system and list it on eBay. So it looks like everything is going to work out.

My new system should arrive week after next. I don’t get a new computer very often, so this is kind of exciting.

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  1. Of course, the witty Dell employee that I am, I had to look up your order in DOMS, and all I can say is great job. That is one steal of a deal. That is very cheap for that much hardware!!

  2. Yeah, I’m pretty proud of this purchase.
    * 1.5Ghz Celeron
    * 60GB hard drive
    * 1GB ram (yep, 1 gigabyte)
    * 15″ screen
    * integrated wireless
    * CD-RW-DVD combo drive

    All this for $1000, $850, $700, $500. They had a incredible sale going on.

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