George Mason

Man, what a crazy tourney this year. Saturday 11th seeded George Mason destroyed almost every bracket by beating first seeded Connecticut to reach the Final Four. Who on earth could have predicted that?

I was really bummed to see my Longhorns fall to LSU. I watched the game, and we were in it until the end of regulation time. We traded leads with them several times, but they never ran away from us. Until overtime. They’re such a physical team, and we just didn’t have the energy left to stay with them. LSU had a strong run in the first minute of OT, and Texas just didn’t compete. At that point you could tell that we were defeated.

By sheer dumb luck I’m number one in my bracket. I picked Florida and UCLA to make it to the Final Four, which according to Yahoo! Sports, puts my bracket in the 99th percentile. That’s cool, I guess, but I’m still bummed about the Longhorns.

At this point, I say go Patriots. You’ve got everyone’s attention, now win it all and make us remember.