Password Drama

For the next couple of days I’m only going to be able to email & blog from campus. Or, I guess, actually away from home. A couple of months ago I posted about losing my Quicken password. Well now I need it for my taxes, so I started running the password cracker again.

Its going to take a while for it to crack the password. I did a quick calculation, and it has to go through potentially 1.89713759e+81 passwords to find mine. That’s 1.9 followed by 80 zero’s. I don’t even think there are that many stars. This could take a while.

Sucks to be me, huh? Don’t lose your password.

Listening to The Arcade Fire. I want to try American Analog Set, but I won’t be able to log into iTunes until my password drama has passed. OH! And real quick, I heard one of the funniest band names ever last week. I haven’t heard any of their music, but the name of the band makes me want to check them out. The Polyphonic Spree.

6 replies on “Password Drama”

  1. AmAnSet is great. I bought one CD and within a week had bought them all. Caught them at ACLFest as well. Brilliant. Polyphonic Spree is pretty cool as well. Missed them at ACLFest the same year, which was disappointing b/c they’re very unique. Good luck w/ the p-word finder.

  2. So with all this password trouble, does this mean you actually stole your own identity? Hope you still feel like yourself…

  3. This cracker thing scares me….so if anyone has access to password cracker, can they find passwords for any program on any PC? Probaby not, but you frightened me!?! 🙂

  4. Actually, yes. That’s exactly what it means. But you shouldn’t be too alarmed. First, they have to have access to your computer, it can’t be done across the net. Second, its expensive. The software that will crack anything is about $400. Third, it takes freaking forever if you use a complex password (numbers, upper & lower-case letters, plus special characters). I mean literally days, quite possibly more than a week. That’s an aweful lot of trouble to go through for access to your computer. Unless, its YOUR computer and you’ve lost the password.

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