Was last night’s tournament exciting or what? For me it started with the tail end of the Duke / LSU game. It was a really sloppy game because both teams were so keyed up, there were lots of stupid fouls and sloppy ball handling. But the whole time I watched I was stunned that Duke was actually losing the game. What’s amazing to me is that this wasn’t a come-from-behind victory, LSU bested Duke throughout the entire game! Wow! I picked Duke to fall to Texas, but I actually think this is better for us.

And then the Texas / West Virginia game came on. I didn’t know anything about WV, hadn’t seen them play this season, and was instantly annoyed with their game. All 3-pointers? No layups or post shots? How arrogant! But it worked well for us because we always had three guys beneath the basket, so defensive rebounds were a snap. And they didn’t do a very good job of defending us in the paint, which is huge. At the start of the second half they hit a few 3’s which fired them up, but we never let them run away from us. And then the victory. I think my heart stopped in the last 10 seconds of the game. We hit one of two free-throws to make it a 3 point lead, WV runs the ball to their basket and sinks a 3 to tie the game. While they’re flush with themselves we run the ball to our side and Paulino hits a clutch 3 for the victory. The ball was at the top of its arc when the timer went off! After a bunch of yelling and high-fives, we watched the replay about 32 times. What an incredible finish!

Apart from the fact that my team beat them, I’m glad that WV lost because I’d hate to see their game plan become popular. All 3-pointers? Give me a break.

After that I watched a couple of minutes of the UCLA / Gonzaga game and then left. Gonzaga had been on top by a comfortable margin throughout the game, so I figured they’d win. I went home and started watching The Simpsons. My roommates came home and asked “can you believe that UCLA won?” Absolutely incredible.

OH! And last night we couldn’t remember where Gonzaga was from. I just looked it up. They’re in Spokane, WA.

I don’t have as much interest in tonight’s games, but I’ll likely find somewhere to watch them anyway. March madness is just fun.

Hook’em Horns!