Honky Tonk Hero

Last night’s Willie Nelson concert at the Backyard was fantastic. First, the weather was perfect. We came prepared for rain, since it was predicted, but the night was just gorgeous. I think the temperature was in the 60’s, which is the perfect outside temperature for jeans and short sleeves. We got there just as the first opener was going offstage. The second opener wasn’t my style, so we got a couple of beers and found a place to sit for the show.

I’m not much of a country music fan, so I wasn’t sure I’d know much of Willie’s material. But, he played all of his hits, so I knew every song. He played for almost two hours non-stop. And his show was incredible. His voice and his guitar work were both impeccable. It really was entertaining.


It really is obvious that he loves his fans. He threw his hat and bandanna out into the crowd a dozen times throughout the night (he kept putting new ones on). At the end of his set, instead of teasing the audience into bringing him back out for an encore, he walked up to the edge of the stage and shook hands and signed autographs for about 15 minutes. Absolutely fantastic.

It was so entertaining that I wish I were going back tonight. He’s an icon, and he’s entertaining, and at 73 years old he’s on top of his game. The person that announced him said that he has released no less than five original CD’s in the past year, and each one of them is critically acclaimed and has hits on the radio. Just incredible.

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  1. So glad you finally got to experience Willie in concert. You’re right on about him being all that you said he was. I have to take Jan to see him next time.

    So you really knew every song he sang? That’s impressive!

  2. Yeah, we both thought he was fantastic. Next time he plays at Stubb’s lets all go.

    Don’t give me too much credit for knowing every song, because the night was about his hits. He played stuff like Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain and Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground and On The Road Again. If he had played anything off of his last CD’s I would have been lost.

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