My Bracket

Okay, it took me some surfing to figure it out, but I finally found a bracket that I could configure on the web and save as a .pdf file. So, here’s my bracket.

Lenwood’s 2006 Bracket

I know what you’re thinking. Duke will fall to Texas? Yeah, well, its MY bracket, and I can’t hope for my team to fall to anyone. Plus, I believe we have the talent and the motivation. Though, I do have to say, I could be pretty happy watching Duke fall to UNC. In fact, I think as long as Duke falls, I’m good. I mean, Coach K has a career in advertising, what does he need basketball for?

Listening to… Um, I’m going to have to find a new thing to do here. I listen to music all day every day now, so what I’m listening to changes a couple of times an hour. I haven’t found a solution to this question yet, so I’ll just post the full albums that I listened to today.

  • Medeski, Martin & Wood – Uninvisible
  • Audioslave – Audioslave
  • Radiohead – OK Computer
  • Sufjan Stephens – Seven Swans

There was some other random stuff, too, but that’s the majority.

Hook’em Horns!

2 replies on “My Bracket”

  1. Love that Coach K thing. Where did you find that?

    Also, nice pick with Wichita State! Your bracket looks a lot like Jan’s by the way.

  2. Isn’t that hilarious? I just did a search for Coach K & advertising, and that was one of the first hits.

    If mine looks like Jan’s, then she must have picked Texas to go a long way, too. That’s some spirit right there.

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