Last night my girlfriend and I went to Alamo Drafthouse to see Walk The Line with her parents. Having listened to a bunch of Johnny Cash songs on my new iPod, I’ve been wanting to see it. And we all figured that since it was already out on DVD, this was the perfect time to go see it in the theater.

It was sold out (!?!?), and wanting to see something we picked the next movie that was starting soon, which was Johnny Depp’s The Libertine. I figured hey, Johnny Depp, I’ll be okay with it. Plus, the libertine just sounds like some revolutionary person setting people free, doesn’t it? It might have helped if one of us had known the definition of the word.

  1. a dissolute person; usually a man who is morally unrestrained
  2. debauched; unrestrained by convention or morality

Yeah, it was A LOT more like that. I might add:

  1. lacking any redeeming qualities
  2. NOT the type of person that you want to watch a movie about
  3. especially when you’re at the movies with your girlfriend’s parents

It was truly aweful.

After the movies we needed to do something wholesome and redeeming. So my girlfriend and I came back to my place then walked to get some ice cream.

OH! But this is cool. One of my room mates had an iPod radio adapter that he wasn’t using anymore, and gave it to me! So we got to listen to Radiohead while we were driving to the movie. I know, we should have been listening to Johnny Cash since that’s who we were going to see. I figured that out and changed the song about 5 minutes before we got to the theater. But the point is that now I can listen to my iPod in my truck. Very cool.

Listening to Radiohead.

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  1. OK, Lenwood has been harassing me for months about never posting a comment on his blog. It took the most offensive movie I’ve ever seen (and lucky me, I saw it sitting next to my parents) to finally get me to do it. I warned my parents that the previews prior to the movie may be slightly crass and offensive (this was their debut patronage of Alamo Drafthouse), but no amount of warning could have prepared us for the two hours of complete moral debauchery we were about to experience. I sure hope we will all be able to laugh about this some day. One thing is for sure, I learned that when the leading actor begins the movie with a prologue warning the viewers that we are certain to hate his character, that is a good time to cut your losses and walk out. Whatever you decide to do at that point is certain to be better than staying to see if the actor is a skilled judge of character.

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