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Okay, so now WordPress is installed, and I’ve set up some of the features that I like. Now for the business part.

With this new blog software, the first time you post a comment, it’ll have to be approved by me. But, once you’ve had a comment approved, all of your subsequent comments will be approved immediately. If you’re a regular commenter, this’ll only be an issue for you once. That’s one of my tricks in foiling spammers.

In my data conversion, all of the comments were imported, but WordPress hasn’t recognized all of them yet. So the comments posted before November of last year (I’ve done a little bit of converting manually, blech) don’t appear on this blog yet, but they haven’t been lost. I’m searching for a script that’ll handle the SQL automatically.

The original plan was for all of my permalinks to remain the same. But it didn’t quite work out that way. I know its possible, but honestly I didn’t want to do all of the work necessary to handle the conversion. If I had files that would save the world, I’d have done it, but this is just for fun. If there’s something that you absolutely want the link to, contact me and I’ll find the updated link for you.

Unfortunately, this means my RSS links will change, too. I know that’s a hassle. Sorry for the interruption, if you update it once, I promise I won’t change blog software again for another couple of years. Deal?

Social Bookmarking
Now on the comment page for each post you’ll notice some new icons. If you use any of these social bookmarking sites (, digg, fark, furl, simpy, spurl, yahoo), you can just click the icon to save a permalink to that post. Note, you’ll need to have an account with the site in order to save the link. If there’s a site that you like to use that isn’t listed (I included all of the ones I recognize/use), let me know and I’ll see about including it.

Coolness Factor
The main thing that attracted me to WordPress is the large collection of plugins, and its ease of management/flexibility. I’ve already installed a couple of plugins, but there are much more cool ones that I haven’t even touched. I sorta feel like a kid in a candy store.

Now that I have WordPress is installed, I plan to start customizing the theme and install some really cool features, like moblogging and a photo page. I’m really excited. Even though I’ve been blogging for a few years now, its new and exciting again. So keep watching for new goodies.

Listening to Audioslave.

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