Bon Voyage

Yesterday turned out to be a decent day even though I was so tired. Work went well, and I had my iPod with me, which helps. Yesterday I had it on random, and the list of songs that played for about two hours was fantastic. I ended up saving it as a playlist, it was just that awesome.

And Last night my girl and I watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I really like that movie. Its the perfect picture of vulnerability and courage between a man and a woman. Its Jim Carrey’s best performance and possibly Kate Winslet’s, too, though I’m not familiar with her work. And the cinematography is fantastic, they way they did the lighting, you really feel like you’re wandering around in someone’s head, and something could dissapear at any moment.

So today’s the day. This is my last post from within b2evolution. I’m making the switch right after I post this. I’ve tinkered with WordPress a little throughout the week, and have done a bunch of reading on SQL to make sure that I don’t somehow erase all of my previous posts and your comments. Wish me luck.