Hammer Time

Okay, I know that I’m in the middle of swapping blog software, and adding posts right now kinda complicates things, but this is too funny to NOT share. In my surfing, I stumbled across, um, MC Hammer’s blog. Now I don’t have any way of verifying that it really IS Hammer’s, but there are a couple of reasons why I believe its really his.

First, the guy says stuff like, “I like my muscles hard because it helps me execute my moves with more power”. That’s not sentence I’d read on the average person’s blog. Okay you’re right, maybe B-Dub’s, but he’s the only one.

Second, we’re talking about MC Hammer here, who would want to impersonate him? Possibly Vanilla Ice, but I kinda doubt it.

Third, the site’s getting a lot of traffic, look at the number of comments on each post. If its not the man, he’s fooling a lot of people.

Just think, this is my link to the stars! Hilarious. I cracked up when I saw this. Blogging really is taking over everything, isn’t it?

I’m listening to Built to Spill. Maybe I’ll load some MC Hammer on my iPod later, I haven’t heard anything of his in years.

3 replies on “Hammer Time”

  1. This really IS hilarious! The man is blogging? What would James Brown have to say about this? Someone call Dave Chapelle so he can do a skit!

    Look forward to seeing the new Lenwood after WordPress.

  2. It’s him. I discovered this too, and he has a couple audio blogs logged via his cell phone.

  3. That’s awesome, it didn’t even occur to me to listen to the podcasts.

    I wonder what other stars have blogs.

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