Now I’m up to seven CD’s in one weekend. Last night I went to dinner at a restaurant that was right next door to Borders. I have a gift certificate for them also, so I grabbed it in hopes of picking up a book that I’ve been wanting. After dinner I went in, and wouldn’t you know it, they’re having a sale on CD’s.

Not just one sale, actually, but two. One sale was buy 3 CD’s and get the 4th for free. And they also had a large rack of CD’s that were two for $22. So, I got my book, plus:

How could I not? I mean, that’s quality music, and a great price. I haven’t gotten to listen to them yet, I’m still on Radiohead. But I will. And I still have some money left on my gift cert.

I think that’ll bring an end to my consumer weekend, I don’t plan to buy any more CD’s today. Or tomorrow. By now I have enough music to entertain me for several weeks.

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