On the topic of becoming an engineer, I’ve had some serious encouragement lately. I attribute most of my encouragement to prayer and busting my tail in studying. But conversations with friends have also been huge.

Talking with non-engineers, people generally assume that I’m smart because I’m studying aerospace engineering (rocket science jokes and all). But when I talk to engineers the tone of the conversation is completely different. Engineers don’t talk to one another in terms of brilliance, or lack thereof, they talk in terms of the amount of effort involved. Some of the people who I respect the most have shared with me struggling with some basic classes. And yet engineers just assume that because you want to be an engineer you’re going to get through the difficult material.

That is awesome. I’m encouraged by friends that have gone before me in engineering. Its good to know that I’m not the only one that has struggled with this material.

Prayer has also played a key role in my newfound encouragement. Before starting this semester I went on a mini retreat to pray through all of the things in my life competing for my attention. I came away with a clear set of priorities, which has also been super helpful.

I’m really excited about being exactly where I am right now. And one day I’m going to be an aerospace engineer. That’s pretty danged cool.

Listening to Led Zeppelin.