I Think, Therefore iPod

My coveting has ended. I am now a member of the new generation. The iPod generation. I’m inches from receiving my second “free” iPod (a 60GB video iPod), so I went ahead and ordered a 30GB video iPod for myself.


I was debating whether to get a 30GB or the 60GB. I finally came to the conclusion that 30 is plenty for me, and I’m glad I did. So far I’ve loaded somewhere around 60 CD’s on it, and I’m not even to 4GB yet (that’s right, less than 10% drive capacity taken by 60 full length CD’s!). I don’t think I’m going to fill this thing within the next couple of years.

Once I sell the 60GB unit that I’m about to recieve, this one won’t quite have been free, but I will have gotten it for significantly less than half price. I’m happy with that.

Now that I’m a member of the iPod club, I’ve started moving into accessories. First, I plan to install an adapter into my girlfriend’s car so that she can listen to and control her iPod through her factory stereo. The cool part of this is that she’ll be able to use her steering wheel buttons to control track and playlist selection, and her dash unit will display the artist and song info. How cool is that?

Then, I plan to do something similar for my aftermarket stereo in my truck. I’ll keep you posted on how these projects progress.

Listening to Johnny Cash (obviously). Reading Getting The Love You Want.

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  1. I have the 30GB video iPod and it is one nice piece of hardware!

    P.S. Those pics aren’t showing up on your blog page, FYI.

  2. Yeah, its so new that I haven’t gotten to do anything other than load songs on it. But so far I really like it. How many songs or CDs are on yours? And how much capacity have they taken?

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