I’m just now getting over a cold or some variant of the flu or something. It sucks because I missed a day and a half of classes, plus work, and have spent most of my waking moments catching up. I have a little bit more to accomplish, but I think I’ll finally get fully caught up tomorrow.

On the plus side, I understand all of the material so far. My homeworks are going pretty quickly because I have a grip on the material. My first test is on Wednesday, and I feel ready. I have some reviewing to do, but I’m on it.

OH! I went to see Austin’s own Spoon on Friday night. They were great. Their music is more mellow than I remembered, but I like their sound. They didn’t spend a lot of time talking, they just played, which was great. Their opener was Sons of Hercules, and I kinda wanted to pay more attention to them because everyone in the band looked over 50 and they were jumping around and slinging guitars and playing some nice chops, too. But our group opted for a game of pool, so I stepped away from their show.

Live music is just awesome, really. It made me want to pull out my amps and guitars and jam for a while, but I had some solids homework to do so I was responsible. That’s probably why I’m not a rockstar, because I’m responsible.

There’s more. There’s always more to write about, but now its past my bedtime, and I still have some differential equations to solve. Always with the calculus. I’ll bet all those guys in Sons of Hercules don’t know calculus.

I’m listening to Modest Mouse.

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  1. Its ‘solids’. The full name of the course is Mechanics of Materials, sometimes called materials science. I’ll post some sample problems so that you have an idea of what its about.

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