I Am A Brand

In my daily news readings, I came across someone promoting blogs in general, with the claim that personal blogs will “reinforce your brand.” I didn’t even realize that I had a brand, much less one that needs to be reinforced. I guess I need to come up with a logo now, you know, so that people have some image to associate with my brand. I’ll get to work on that.

2 replies on “I Am A Brand”

  1. Does this mean we will all have to hire lawyers to make sure that our brands…er blogs are protected and that no one infringes upon our trademarks? Can we sue those who slander our brands, I mean blogs? This opens a whole world of possibilities. T-shirts, mugs, toothpaste. I’m already counting my millions.

  2. Hmmm, I didn’t think about that, but I see your point. Now that I’m a blogger I guess it just makes good sense to keep an attorney on retainer. I better come up with a product line and marketing plan to offset the attorney fees. Who knew that blogging would be so much work?

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