Live Monday

Last night I went to see some live music with my girlfriend and her room-mate. We went to Artz Rib House for Scott Hawley, and Sarah Elizabeth Campbell was playing, too. Scott is a good friend and was encouraging way back in my Bag of Stephens days, so it was great to see him live.

Scott puts on a great show. He’s a solo act with a lot of energy. I’ve seen him a handful of times in the past, and I’m always impressed with his guitar work. The chord structure that he selects for songs is unique and awesome. Sarah Elizabeth Campbell was there all night, and he had time for a full set while she took a break. Afterward Scott sat and visited with us and another fan for about an hour, which was a treat. Several people approached him to thank him for his performance.

It was really fun to hang with a musician. It kinda kindled my musical bug. I don’t have time for it, but I’d love to fit guitar in again somewhere.

If you’re free on Saturday, Feb 11th, he’ll be playing at Flipnotics from 8-9pm. You should check him out. Plus, there’s a chance I’ll be there.