Passwords really are a pain in the butt. They’re a necessary evil, but I don’t like having to keep track of them. One site requires this type of password, and another won’t allow that long of a string, and another requires numbers and letters. Keeping up with passwords is a chore.

I have a great password policy. All of my passwords are super strength, and I change them often. As I change them, I write down my old ones in a safe place, just in case I ever find a file that I forgot to update. I’ve been using this system for years, and it has worked flawlessly for me.

Until now.

I updated my passwords last November, and in the process realized that the one I created was too short for one of my accounts. I had already placed that password on a couple of accounts and files, so I had to go back to all of them and change them. And since I only used this password for a couple of days, I didn’t think it was necessary to jot it down in my old password file. Woops.

And so in December, when it was time to update my Quicken files, I realized that I was locked out. Um, Houston, we have a problem. I found a software package that will crack the password for me, but its $45. I balked about the price for a couple of weeks, then finally broke down and bought the software.

Aparentlly my passwords really are strong, becuase that software has been running on my Quicken file for a week now. As of now it has tried a total of 173,762,707 individual passwords, and it still hasn’t cracked my password.

I’m already frustrated with this whole endeavor. I’m going to be really really frustrated if I spent the $45 and still can’t get access to my financial history.

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  1. dude don’t buy password manager software there are a TON out there for free. Search Google for ‘password manager freeware’. I found one on SourceForge that RULZORS

  2. Okay, okay, I’m getting a password manager. I finally aborted this project because it didn’t crack my password after 4 days. I’m going to change some settings and give it another try, but I haven’t had the time yet.

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