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With the Rose Bowl being only two days away, its probably time for me to starting thinking through the game, and decide what my predictions are. I just found out that the Trojans are favored by cou7gh. Um, I’m going to choose another direction for this.

Offense: all I can say about the USC offense is holy schneikes. USC averages about 80 yards more per game than Texas, which is a considerable threat considering that the PAC-10 has been a stronger conference than ours this season. They defeated Arizona State, Notre Dame (ND isn’t in the PAC-10) and UCLA, all ranked teams.

I watched them play the Sooners in last year’s Orange bowl, and was amazed at Matt Leinart’s arm. That guy could thread a needle 60 yards away. He hasn’t been as impressive lately. While I haven’t kept up with the Trojans weekly, I have caught a couple of games and Leinart has not been the one to watch. But Bush? I watched USC play UCLA last month and he was explosive and unpredictable. He’s so fast that by the time you realize where the ball is he’s passed you. Bush will likely be their go-to guy, and if Leinart also has a great game, holy schneikes.

But, looking at USC’s schedule, I also don’t think they’ve played a team with a QB as talented as Vince Young. He can run, he can throw, he doesn’t lose his cool, and he’s fast enough to pull off impressive yardage gains when forced to scramble. And our RBs & WRs are there when the pressure is on Vince. And I know they haven’t faced a defense as strong as ours.

Defense: both teams have a talented defensive line. Stats show that the Longhorns have had a stronger defense, but our season hasn’t been as strong as the USC season, so this is a misleading comparison. But, what I do know is that for the past two years our defense has been incredible. We’ve played some big teams and prevented them from running the score up even when we’re down. Especially when we’re down. Fortunately, most of USC’s yardage is passing, and that’s one of our strengths. The Texas defense is up to the task of facing the Trojans.

Putting this all together, along with my own bias towards UT, I predict:

  • neither team will have a perfect quarter
  • the game won’t be decided until the last 5 minutes of the 4th quarter
  • Longhorns by 3

Hook Em!

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  1. Texas’ 31st ranked rush defense looked vulnerable the last month of the season. Some spare, no-name running back from Okie State gets 194 yards on them. Then they allow Kansas 5.4 yards/carry. Then A&M runs up 280 yards on the ground (A&M’s Jorvorskie Lane is a poor man’s Lendale White).

    They key will be the Texas rushing offense. SC’s rush defense is only ranked 24th…OK but not great. If Charles/Selvin Young/Taylor/Melton/Vince can move the ball, burn the clock, and keep SC’s offense on the sideline, UT’s chances are good. Time of possession is everything for UT. They need to run the clock down to 1 or 2 on every play, even in the first half. Every second they have the ball is a second Bush/Leinart/White/Jarrett et al are not running up the score.

    My heart is with the Horns, but my mind is with SC: 28-17.

    BTW: Check out this site, it’s a college football stat geek’s dream:

  2. If the Rose Bowl is anything like tonight’s Orange Bowl was, I’m going to have a heart attack. Triple OT? Are you kidding me?

  3. Way to get the 3 point win right. You da man. Also, blog is looking nice. Great shot of the earth.

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