Way back in February, I posted about some words that I had learned, and I gave one word that I couldn’t find a definition for: somaticize. Yesterday Karen from Austrailia saved me.

Somaticise is to believe mistakenly that an emotional pain is a physical sympton. This occurs often in alexithymic individuals who are devoid of emotion because they are functionally unaware of their feelings – therefore symptoms such as palpitations and butterflies in the stomach may be felt by the individual without them being able to associate them with the concurring emotions!

Yeah, I know, I don’t know what alexithymic means either, but how cool is it that someone from Austrailia stumbled onto my blog! But I digress…

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been wanting to post another vocabulary update, but just haven’t taken the time to type it all in. Now seems like the perfect opportunity. Pull out your pencils, these are words that were invented by the writers of my favorite show.

1 – A coffee-flavored, beverage-like substance.
Useage: Hey do we have any more beverine?

Boneis Eruptus:
1 – A terrible condition where the skeleton tries to leap out of the mouth and escape the body.
You used to see this in cartoons a lot when a character was suddenly scared.

1 – A cream substitute.
Its usually served with beverine.

1 – The Chinese have the same word for crisis and opportunity.
Now we do, too.

1 – Legitimate;
2 – Appropriate;
3 – more than acceptable.
Useage: Crisitunity is a perfectly cromulent word.

1 – The brake pedal on a car.
Useage: Quick! Hit the deceleratrix!

1 – The action of making something larger.
Useage: A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man.

1 – Not in favor of an idea, but would go along if necessary;
2 – Oh well;
3 – Whatever.
Useage: Do you want to go see a movie?

1 – The only known cure for Boneis Eruptus.
Severe electrical currents are introduced into the body through the mouth.

1 – A method of communication using grossly direct persuasion;
2 – The opposite of subliminal.
Useage: Yelling a direct order is an example of superliminal persuasion.

1 – The state or condition of being likely to stab.
Useage: Sit down & relax Jason, and don’t get stabby.

1 – Unable to be blown up.
Useage: The word unblowuppable is thrown around a lot these days, but I think I can say for certain that…(BOOM!).

1 – The gas pedal on a car.
Useage: If you want to go you’ll have to find the velocitator.

1 – Exclamation used when one cannot comprehend a complex situation or statement.
Useage: You’ll never get stabby over there to agree to electromicide.

I’ll stop now. All of this is a tribute to The Simpsons. I heard on the radio this morning that the word cromulent is making into the dictionary in 2006. The Simpsons have now been on the air long enough to change the way America talks (they reached me a long time ago). Congratulations!

If you can think of any other great words that you’ve heard on the show, post them in comments.

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