Christmas Cheer

Its late, so I’m going to keep this short, but thought I’d post an update before lights out.

Christmas this year was great. The coolest part was that I got to be with Liz the entire time.

Friday night she & I had a nice dinner then went to see the 37th St lights. Absolutely awesome, I wish I had take some pictures. We noticed that several houses on 37th are for sale. I hope the new owners realize that its incumbent on them to continue decorating in the most bizarre way possible. Please bring back the volcano! Keep Austin Weird!

Saturday we went to San Antonio for some hurried Christmas shopping followed by celebration with my family. It was great to visit with my Mom, brothers, and aunt & uncle. The real treat was that my grandma was able to join us. One of the funnest things ever is getting your grandma to bust out in laughter. I think that’s one of the things that I appreciate most about the holidays, getting to spend time with family that you don’t normally get to see. I’m not the best gift giver, but I think I did decent this year, so that was also good. We left late that night.

Sunday was awesome. That morning my girlfriend & I met went downtown to Church Under The Bridge to help serve a Christmas meal to homeless folks. They ended up having more volunteers than needed, so we spent a couple of hours worshipping with everyone under I-35. We sang a bunch of songs, there was a short message on who Christ is and why He matters to us, and several people went up and shared their testimony. The testimonies were very moving. Anyone was welcome to share, some shared struggles and some shared victories, but they were all captivating. Then we stood in a circle of about 40 people and we all prayed together. Later they served a turkey dinner with vegetables and coffee and pie to a whole bunch of homeless people (I didn’t count, but I would guess around 100). It was incredible. Honestly I was overwhelmed, it was so raw and honest. You could clearly see people’s need for love and God. I was choked up for half an hour after we left. I haven’t had much time to process the feelings that I left with, but I plan to. It was a very powerful worship experience.

After that we cleaned up real quick and went to Her parent’s house to celebrate with her family. She has some relatives in from Colorado, so I got to meet more of her family. We had a fantastic meal, went for a walk, ate a bunch of pie and opened gifts. Through all of that we visited and laughed. It was so great to get to celebrate with them. Very fun.

In keeping with Christmas tradition, I have eaten too much at every meal. My favorite gift to give was a Dura-Ace derailleur, because I knew that it was both wanted and needed. My favorite gift to receive was a tire kit for my new road bike, becuase it came from Her. My second favorite was a talking Napoleon Dynamite keychain because it came from the sweetest little girl on the planet. Lucky!

Okay now its really late and I need to work in the morning. Merry Christmas everyone. Listening to David Bowie.