I posted recently about how the web is improving. One of things that I have started using it for more often is news. First I started using Yahoo! News & Google News. The beauty of these is that they don’t write anything. They’re both portals to many news sources, so you can get a lot of news in a short amount of time.

But then news on the web got even more cool. There are a handful of sites now that users submit links or articles to, and then the articles have to get ‘promoted’ by others before they appear on the homepage. Its called social news. The articles can come from any source, major news publications, blogs, or anywhere. But they don’t get into the spotlight unless several other people state that its newsworthy.

Slashdot was the first that I know of, they’ve been doing this for years. I’ve used them occasionally, but I didn’t really understand the layout of the site, so I didn’t really give the site a chance. Now there are two others on the scene, and I can’t stop checking the news.

If you’ve gotten an email from me within the past month regarding anything technical, it came from either Digg or Del.icio.us. These two sites are absolutely phenominal. I could literally spend hours surfing them. Digg is my favorite, but Del.icio.us is growing on me (and they get credit for the nicest URL ever). I still use Google Reader for RSS from a couple of other more specific news sources.

It would be an endless cycle of surfing between these three sites if I chose to spend my time getting news from them. But no, now there’s one site that includes feeds from all three of these. Diggdot.us. Its news nirvana, I’m telling you.

Wide distribution of news from many sources, both large & small is one of the best uses for the web that I can think of. News from any source. On any topic. It means that we aren’t reliant on Kent Brockman to deliver relevant news. We get to chose what’s worth reading, and share it with others. Brilliant. Be sure to limit the amount of time that you spend on these sites, because its been easy for me to lose blocks of time checking the news.

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