Tonight I went to one of the most meaningful & creative worship services that I’ve attended in a long time. Mosaic hosted an advent service titled alt.worship, and it really was fantastic.

The main theme was waiting, and that’s exactly what we did. We had to wait to go the section of the building which Mosaic inhabits, then we sat in a waiting area until we were called to go into the sanctuary, and then we had to wait for the message. The waiting, in fact, WAS the message. Some music was played over the P.A. and we were shown several quotes, images and passages while we waited, all kept in the theme of waiting. We were then invited to visit several multimedia tables with thoughtful and inspiring prayers and passages, which we had to wait in line to see. And finally, for communion we had to wait to be seated at table draped with a tablecloth and set for a full meal, and were served the bread and wine.

And, right on par with everything that I know to be true of Mosaic, the art was great. The images that we were shown were compelling and conveyed their message of waiting. The music was engaging without being distracting. The passages and readings that they had for us were interesting and concise.

I can promise you that I’m not doing a very good job of explaining all of this. The entire service was SO creative and inspiring. The one thing which I appreciated most about it, was that there was no explanation, no defense of the message, no point of application to take from it. You took from it the experience of waiting, and were encouraged to think though what that means in the context of your relationship to God. The pastors put a lot of thought and energy into creating a quality service, and then left it to the Holy Spirit to speak to you through it. Brilliant.