Great Football

Okay, first, was yesterday a great football day or WHAT? Texas blowing out Colorado like that? I mean, that was fantastic! And then USC punishing UCLA in similar fashion! Holy Cow! I absolutely cannot wait for January 4!

So my two predictions for the Texas game were on the mark. The game was decided before half time, and our defense dominated three quarters. Colorado looked defeated early in the game. And I think even some of our third string players got some time on the field. Heck, with a 67 point spread, why not?

And then the USC game came on. I don’t remember ever seeing Reggie Bush in full force before, he is amazing. He’s so fast and elusive that UCLA just couldn’t contain him. Matt Leinart didn’t have his best game, but with Bush it didn’t matter, USC had a very convincing margin.

My last prediction was a flop, Florida St took out VA Tech. Can’t win them all, and at least my team will be in the Rose Bowl.

Speaking of the Rose Bowl, I’m not ready to make any predictions just yet, but I am very excited about this match up. UT hasn’t faced an offense this strong, Leinart’s arm and Bush’s run both command respect. But, while I haven’t kept up with USC as much as UT (obviously), I don’t think they’ve faced a defense as strong as ours, and I also don’t think they’ve faced a team with a multi-talented quarterback like Vince Young, either. I’m busting with anticipation, this is going to be great.