Big 12 Championship

Hi all. This year’s Big 12 championship game starts in just over an hour. It’ll be #2 Texas against an unranked Colorado. Yep, its a repeat of the 2001 championship game. We’ve already beat them this year (and handily, I might add). Actually, we’ve beaten everyone we played this year.

I predict:

  • this game will be over early in the third quarter.
  • our defense will dominate them for at least one quarter. You can pick which one, but there will be at least one quarter in which Colorado doesn’t score a single point.

For the other conference championships, I pick USC to win PAC-10, and VA Tech to win the ACC. I know, I know, I’m not picking any upsets, but hey, these are my picks.

So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Listening to Southern Culture on the Skids.

Hook ‘Em!

2 replies on “Big 12 Championship”

  1. Let’s see… game over early in the third quarter? Check. At least one quarter in which Colorado is shut out? Check. Yep, not too shabby. ;-)See, what bugs me about college football is that teams feel the need to score as many points as they possibly can. (Actually, I posted on that subject a few weeks ago.) You don’t see that in the NFL. Maybe that’s because teams are more evenly-matched, and maybe there’s actually better sportsmanship in pro football.

  2. Yeah, that’s definitely a big difference between pro and college. And my guess is that you’re right, the pro teams are usually more evenly matched. In college ball, the players are supposed to be focusing on their studies. I presume that some are, some aren’t.

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