Rocket Racing

I just found out about another very cool thing. You may recall the name Peter Diamandis, he’s the guy that started the Ansari X-Prize in which teams were competing to get the first private rocket into space. Burt Rutan’s group won with SpaceShipOne. If you’re a reader of this blog then those names should ring a bell.

Well, Diamandis is moving on to other stuff. Just this morning I learned about the coolest thing ever. Rocket racing. Have you ever watched NASCAR? Me either. But what if they were literally flying? And they had flames shooting out the back? And they were doing over 320 miles an hour? I could probably get interested in something like that.

2 replies on “Rocket Racing”

  1. Yes but is the rocket car MONKEY NAVIGATED? That is really the key question and I am far too lazy to look it up myself.

  2. No, the rockets aren’t monkey navigated at the moment. They’re working on that now, but the contract is tied up in negotiations. Monkeys don’t work as cheaply as they used to, right now their labor union is in a snitt about dental or something. If that falls through, they’re shipping the project over to India.

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