One For A Week

The Texas Longhorns are having a phenominal season. Right now we’re 8-0 for the season, and have been ranked number two behind USC by all of the major polls this entire season! Until last week.

Last week, Texas posted a 52-17 victory over (then) top ten ranked Texas Tech. Somehow this victory, combined with USC’s previous narrow victory over Notre Dame, put Texas in the number one spot in the BCS poll by a slim 0.0007 margin (yes, ten-thousandths).

Today USC punished Washington State with a 42 point spread, while Texas came from behind for a 19 point victory over Oklahoma State (which was quite an impressive victory!). So I’m sure that USC will regain the lead when the poll is re-calculated. It was good to be there for a week.

USC is a talented team, and are definitely not over-ranked. I am continually amazed by Matt Leinart’s passing game. But, Texas isn’t over-ranked either. We need to post some huge-spread victories over these last three games of the regular season [sorry B-Dub, I know this means you, its not personal]. Don’t reel them in when victory is secure. We want to be number one!

A trip to Waterloo has saved me from Paula Abdul (whew!). Listening to The Killers. I’ve got soul, but I’m not a soldier.

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