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A couple of weeks ago Apple released a new iPod that plays videos (not the Nano), you may have seen it in the news. Half the planet seems to think its the coolest thing ever, and the other half thinks its a dumb idea. Who cares, right?

While the new video iPod is grabbing all of the attention, Apple sneaks in a new iMac also. I haven’t seen too much press about it, but its more than your average iMac, its a media center, complete with remote. There it is on their website, ready for purchase.

I know, I know. Microsoft’s Windows Media Center has been out for a while. I did a web search, and if they’re moving in the digital media direction, I can’t tell. And besides that, it runs on Windows. Blech.

Well, about a week ago I read an interesting post on Ken’s site. Its a pretty cool notion, that Apple could be trying to move Hollywood in a direction that consumers would appreciate, similar to what they’ve done for the music industry with the iPod & iTunes. Remember way back when Blockbuster and Enron promised video-on-demand? Think of downloadable videos, movies, and TV shows. Or if not downloadable, at least streaming.

And then, this. Ken isn’t the only one noticing what Apple is up to. The video iPod and new iMac could be a foot in the door. Right now the new iPod will play music videos, and Disney is making their TV shows available for download. In a couple of years would they be willing to provide streaming movies to customers? And what of the rest of Hollywood? Will they also make stuff available? Netflix? Napster?

I’m excited about this. It seems like if this took off, it could get really cool really fast, just like MP3’s did. I want to download movies, don’t you?

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  1. Yeah, I’m a bit skeptical of the video iPod thing. There’s just not much excitement to be had when watching Braveheart in widescreen on a 2″ screen. That leaves on 1.83″ left of viewable screen. I want to actually see that head get chopped off – not just the dude swinging the axe at the edge of the screen! But, that’s just me.

  2. Yeah, I know the screen is tiny, but this is the first one to hit the market. Give them a year and they’ll have something worth looking at. Especially since they practically own the media player market, and are putting a bunch of energy into their video offerings.

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