I’ve been riding mountain bikes for something close to 15 years. That’s a really fun way to pass the time, and Austin offers some fantastic trails. I’ve been going with the same group of guys for about the past 3 years. One by one, they have each gotten road bikes, and have been riding on the road as well. I have taken flak for not having a road bike for a while, and it hasn’t bothered me.

Well, then I started dating someone that also enjoys riding. Road bikes, primarily. That kinda changes things. If its something that she and I can do together, then I’m all over that. So, a couple of weeks ago I started trying to figure out what size frame I need, equipment, component groups, pricing, and all the stuff that goes into a bicycle purchase.

First, I was planning to buy a used bike. Then, after talking with a local bike shop owner, it seemed like a new bike was both reasonably priced and affordable, so I was planning to do that. I was looking at Felts and Gurus, and was really excited about having a brand new bike. Then I found a fantastic deal on eBay, and went for that.

I am the proud owner of a Litespeed Ultimate road bike! Its not new, but its in great shape, and it is absolutely gorgeous.

I’ve only put a couple of miles on it so far, and I love it. I have an appointment to get it fitted to me later this week (I suspect that the stem may be too long). And then, I’ll be ready to hit the tarmac with the rest of the group. I can’t wait to log some miles on it. I already want to ride in a century! Bikes are cool!