The Dalai Lama

The University of Texas has an excellent lectureship series, in which they have noted people come to speak to UT students & faculty. Some folks that I recall coming over the past year are Chuck D, President Clinton and Burt Rutan. Next month Ari Fleischer is coming to speak. You can tell this isn’t just a random selection process, these are recognizable people which have made some contribution to society. The lectures aren’t open to the public, but they’re free to UT students & faculty, you just have to stand in line for the tickets.

Well, this semester, they’ve outdone themselves. His holiness the Dalai Lama spoke in September, to an assembly of several thousand students. I don’t know anything at all about Buddhism, other than that I’m not interested in practicing. But, I wanted to go hear what he had to say. The tickets went quickly, and I missed out.

Fortunately, they’ve made his talk available for download as an MP3. Earlier this week I heard his speech, and Wow is it great! If you’re even remotely interested, I strongly encourage you to get it. Just load it on your iPod and listen whenever you have the time. The file is an hour and thirty minutes, but his speech is only an hour, the rest is him answering questions.

I won’t give it all away, but I will say that it wasn’t what I thought it would be. His message is very moving, and made me think about what Christianity would say about some of the same topics that he addresses. If you listen to it, and you’re interested in talking after, I’d really enjoy having that conversation. Let’s meet for coffee and discuss!

Currently listening to The Arcade Fire. One of the girls in my bible study loaned me their CD, and I LOVE them! Now I’m bummed that I missed that show.

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