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For a year now I’ve been saying that I wouldn’t go back to using a non-PDA/phone. I’m eating those words now, and I’m glad.

I’ve been using my new phone, the LG VX8100, for a couple of weeks now, and I still love it. Monday I received the USB data cable that I ordered, and downloaded BitPim to transfer data to it. IT WORKED!!

I was a bit concerned as I was going through the installation of my phone, because WinXP was detecting it as an LG 5350. I didn’t have any choice other than to let it be installed as that phone.

I then downloaded and installed BitPim, which instantly recognized my phone! And not only that, but it recognized it as the VX8100! I used the BitPim import tool to bring all of my contacts over from Outlook, and that also worked flawlessly. I spent about 30 minutes cleaning my data (making sure its in the right format to be recognized by the phone), and then performed the sync.

Perfection, I now have all of my contacts in my new phone. And what’s more, as I store new contacts in either my phone or Outlook, I can easily sync between the two. There are only a couple more steps than before, but its worth it to me to have a smaller phone.

At this point, I’ve only used BitPim with one phone model, but it worked so well that I’d recommend it to anyone. Back up your phone’s contact list!

I did try using the calendar on my phone, and entering appointments with the numeric pad is a pain. So, last night I went out and bought a PalmOne (why do they keep changing their name?) Tungsten E2 PDA.

I’m back to carrying two devices with me, which I’m not particularly fond of. But, they both excel at their respective functions. My smartphone was functional enough that it worked well for me for a year, but I had to give up a couple of applications that I love. Now I get to use everything I want and more. Plus, they’re both bluetooth enabled, so I’m hoping that I can get them to connect with one another. My understanding is that Verizon limits the bluetooth compatibility of their phones, so at the moment I don’t know if that’ll be possible, but I’m going to try.

Oh, and I also have memory cards for both, so I can load and listen to MP3’s on either of them. Maybe I don’t need an iPod after all.

I bought a bluetooth headset, a Motorola HS820, but the other party can’t hear me clearly, and their voice echoes back to them (???). I don’t know what that’s about. I may try a different model headset sometime soon, but for now I’m tired of spending money.

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  1. Hey, I had the same problem when I first got my bluetooth headset. I read some forums on it, and a simple solution was to turn down the volume on the actual headset, because what is happening is when the people are speaking to you they can hear themselves. I adjusted the volume on mine and it worked really well…just a thought….I know you need the volume as loud as possible, but this has been a constant complaint of Motorola BT headsets.

  2. Chance, you’re brilliant. That took care of it! Thanks for the tip. I’ll be keeping my bluetooth headset after all.

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