ACL Update

Last night was flippin’ SWEET! We saw a total of six bands. I’ve listed them in order of appearance below. Just look at that list! Heck, this would be a great weekend if it were already over. But we’re less than half way through!!

My favorite, by far, was the Allman Brothers Band. Every song had a 5 minute guitar solo in it, with their two guitarists sharing the spotlight. Dueling lead guitars is a very quick way to my heart, I was loving every minute of it.

I had never seen Robert Earl Keen before, man does he put on a great show. I’ve always liked his work, just never have gotten around to seeing him live. I’d pay to go see him again. His guitarist was incredible.

I also really enjoyed Spoon (a local Austin band!) and Keane. Before the show I had only heard the radio tracks of each band, but I really liked all of their material. Maybe I’ll go buy their CD’s.

Black Crowes were last night’s headliner. By then I was tired and ready to be out of the heat & dust. We were there for about half of the show, and finally decided to beat the rush out and left 30 mins before they were done. We had a 30 minute hike back to the car, so I think this was probably wise.

Being out in the middle of a field in the heat, with everyone kicking up dust and the wind blowing it around really took a toll on my sinuses. By the end of the night I was stopped up, and I’m still feeling the effects of it. I think we’re going to check out a couple of bands today, and leave early to save ourselves for tomorrow’s lineup.

This really is a phenominal show. Its a good time to be living in Austin. Heh, when is it NOT a good time to be living here?