Pre ACL Festival

This weekend is Austin’s annual Austin City Limits Music Festival. My birthday present from my girlfriend was a 3-day wristband! How awesome is that!?! So, there are several of my favorite bands that I’m looking forward to seeing. Here, in no particular order, is my list.

Okay, so I lied, I did put them in a particular order, alphabetical. But just look at that list! All those bands in one place in one weekend! I can’t wait, this is going to be freakin awesome.

Sometime next week I’ll post a review of the bands that I saw. It may take me a few days to recover from the festival though. Last year I was exhausted by Sunday afternoon. I didn’t even have the energy to stay for one of my favorite bands at the very end.

Currently listening to The Band and The White Stripes.

4 replies on “Pre ACL Festival”

  1. Looking forward to hearing your report, as I won’t be attending this year, myself.Will the show go on despite the heavy weather this weekend? That will be interesting to see. And not find out about myself firsthand.

  2. I don’t mind seeing concerts in the rain, as long as I still get to see them. It doesn’t sound like its going to get bad enough to force them to canx the show. I’d be really bummed about missing this lineup!

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