For the past month I’ve been trying to decide what to do about my cell phone bill. I have gone over my minutes every month for the past 6 months, which has gotten quite expensive. I’ve tried cutting back on my phone usage, but that plan isn’t working. So, I’ve spend literally weeks comparing phones and calling plans. Ugh.

I haven’t been very excited about giving up my phone. Last summer I bought a Kyocera 7135 Smartphone. Having a PDA and a phone in the same unit is just the way it should be. All of your contacts are replicated between Outlook, your PDA and your phone all the time. No double entries, no lost contacts, no comparing contact lists. Put a name in one location, and it replicates to every other place that you need it automatically. Your calendar works the same way. Plus, no matter where you go, your calendar is always in your pocket, so you actually USE it.

The only downside is that its bulky. Really bulky. Everyone laughs when you pull it out, “beam me up, Scotty”. If someone just made phones that would sync with outlook, then you wouldn’t really need all that other PDA stuff. Or, I wouldn’t, anyway.

After weeks of searching, I wasn’t finding a small enough PDA/phone. So, I started looking into what it would take to sync a regular phone with Outlook. I think I found something that works.

My new phone is an LG VX8100. I just got it and I freakin LOVE this thing. Its small, Bluetooth, shoots pictures and videos, has a gorgeous screen, and it plays MP3’s. And because I was willing to sign a two-year contract, Verizon let me have it. Yup, free.

And now for the syncing. I stumbled across an open source program called BitPim, which allows you to manipulate phonebook, calendar, wallpaper and ringtones using your computer. And, you can import data from Outlook. Viola!

I’m so excited I can’t contain it. I have scoured eBay for a Bluetooth headset, a USB data cable and a memory card (as a side-note, if you ever need cellphone accessories, eBay is far cheaper than any local store). If it all works, then I will have gotten more than I wanted for less than I was planning to spend. And if none of it works, I’ll sell the new phone and accessories and continue to use my old one. I can’t lose.

Oh, and on my new plan, I have way more minutes than I think I’ll be able to use, so please call me and tell me everything. Really.