Being a college student, I don’t often have the time or funds to take vacations, but this summer is an exception. I am typing this entry from Evergreen, CO. And man is it ever beautiful up here!

My good friend Scott is marrying Karen next weekend, so six of his friends, including me, came up to Estes Park, CO for a long weekend of play in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Shawn, Tate, Joel, Eric, Jeff, Scott, Lenwood

Mountain biking, fly fishing, hiking, rock climbing, Texas hold’em, great food, we did it all. There were very few slow minutes, and it was a blast!

All of the guys returned home last night, and I stayed behind so that I could spend some time with my Dad (who lives in CO). We’ll be doing more hiking, take a few pictures, maybe some Geocaching, and then probably a little more hiking. He lives close to Arapaho National Forest, which has some great trails, so we won’t tire of this place anytime soon.

It feels great to get out of town and have fun with friends and family. I had forgotten how much I enjoy travelling. And, its not even over yet. I have a another couple of days to play before its all over.

Maybe I’ll post more pictures soon.

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