A crazy bad thing happened on Saturday evening. I was invited out to a ranch near Lampassas for a Texas style 4th celebration with BBQ, beer and fireworks. When we got there, I got excited because there were some targets set up and people were shooting guns as well.

I was a little bit anxious, being around people that I didn’t know and shooting guns. I’m usually not nervous around guns, we had them around the house all through my childhood, and I have been hunting several times. When I was a teen it was common for friends and I to set up some type of wooden target and then blow it to smithereens.

By coincidence a friend and coworker was there also, so we visited for a few minutes and he introduced me to the others. I stood back and kind of took the scene in while going through a little mental checklist about shooting. And as I was standing there, several alarming things occured to me. I wasn’t putting the pieces together very quickly, but over time I was becoming increasingly alarmed.

Someone offered me a gun, but I wasn’t comfortable with the scene yet, so I decided to go to the cabin and spend some time at the BBQ pit until I started to understand my sense of alarm. I had only taken a few steps in that direction when I turned to look back, and my friend/coworker was walking behind me. He was really pale, and had blood on his shirt.

Several people came around to help get him in the cabin. It turns out that a fragment of a bullet had ricoched off of one of the targets, and struck him in the chest, just below the collar bone. Fortunately he was alert and in good spirits. He was talking and joking with everyone, and kept asserting that he wasn’t in much pain, but felt nauseous. After a few minutes of deliberating about whether to drive him into a hospital, or call an ambulance (we were pretty far out in the country), we decided to call 911.

At this point I was becoming really freaked out. I stepped outside with some friends to pray. I don’t remember what we prayed, but I know that it was more a sense of urgency than anything else.

Once the paramedics arrived, it only took them a few minutes to determine that he had been seriously injurred, and they decided to call for a life-flight helicopter. He was flown to a hospital in Austin for emergency treatment.

After leaving the BBQ I came back into Austin and went to the emergency room and found his fiance. She told me that he was already in surgery, but doctors were optimistic. It was after midnight at this point, so I went home and tried to sleep. She called me again the next morning to tell me that he was out, healthy, alert, and recovering.

This is the most tangible evidence of a living God that I can ever remember seeing. It is literally a miracle that he is alive today. The doctors found that the fragment knicked one of his arteries, and came to a stop just before entering his lung. Amazingly he developed a blood clot on the artery, which kept his internal bleeding to a minimum.

Taking all in all of this evidence, there is no logical reason for him to still be alive. We witnessed a miracle on Saturday night, by all accounts he should have died right there. I sang with all my heart yesterday morning in church and it didn’t feel like enough.

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