Bear Fan, for a day

Last night was all about sports for me. I went to a buddy’s house for small group, and we ended up watching Baylor v Tulane in the college world series. I was, of course, pulling for Baylor because they’re in my conference (Big 12), and I have several friends that are alumns. Man did they make a great showing! They were down 7-0 in the 7th inning, and they stunned Tulane by pulling out a 7-8 victory!

But that was yesterday. My allegiance to Baylor is now officially over. Now they face my team. Hook ’em!

After that I switched over to game 6 of the NBA finals. My Spurs just didn’t have the starch last night. I was really hoping that Hamilton would sit down when his mask broke, no such luck. The Pistons are such a physical team! If I hadn’t grown up in San Antonio, I might like them. We’re really going to have our hands full against them on Thursday. They’re the defending champs, they’re fired up, and when they’re fired up they are even more physical. But, they’re on our turf. Go Spurs Go!

Listening to Sufjan Stephens. Last night I was talking about his music with a buddy and he said, “if the bible were set to music, it would be Sufjan’s”. I agree.

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  1. Thanks for the props last night. Congrats on tonight’s game. Rob and I ended up in the middle of the UT cheering section at Fox & Hound = not fun. “Check please!”

    Go Spurs Go!

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