I’m almost done replacing my transmission. The new one arrived last week, I started on it on Friday night, and now the job is complete, minus a couple of small details. While in the process of removing the old transmission, I sheard a couple of bolts, and I’ll have to go to a specialty nut & bolt store to find replacements, since these are automotive grade. And I need to re-attach a few random components. Once I have the new hardware, it should only take another hour or so to finish.

I was really hoping to have the job complete tonight, but the job turned out to be quite a bit larger than I anticipated. Still, it was fun to do the work myself. When the old transmission came out I had yell at it & kick it a few times. And when the new transmission was mounted I had to do a little dance around my truck to celebrate.

I gotta give a shout out to my buddy Jeff Perry. There’s no way I could have completed this job without his help. He was there to help all Saturday afternoon, and a lot of Sunday afternoon as well. He helped with the heavy manual labor, and was generally good to have around.

So now that I have a quality transmission again, I can feel some miles coming. Before this summer is over I will do at least one long road trip. I’d love to drive to Alaska.