My truck’s transmission has been on the fritz for the past few months, and progressively getting worse. When I’m at ramming speed on the highway, it shudders, and when I’m stopping it slams into second gear and you can feel the whole truck shake from the jolt.

I’ve spoken to a couple of transmission shops, and they’ve confirmed what I already knew, it needs to be rebuilt. The problem is, they all want a mountain of cash to do the job. So I’ve been bargain hunting. I am willing to do much of the work myself, but I don’t know squat about how my automatic transmission works.

So, I shopped eBay and found the perfect solution. I’ve just ordered a remanufactured transmission. It comes with the same warranty, I’ll swap them out on my own, and the total price is less than half of what a transmission shop wanted to charge me.

I was hoping to receive it in time to do the job over this coming long weekend, but its coming from Arizona, and paying the extra charges for express shipping would negate the whole point of ordering it from them. So, the following weekend you’ll find me under my truck in the driveway.

I’m listening to the Pixies, and reading New Kind of Christain.

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  1. You should hear about the time I called a car a/c place about an ’88 Ford Tempo I once owned. They said, and I quote, “we don’t work on those. They’re too difficult.” Me, in my genious, figured I’d just do it myself. What a pain! It would have been better to go without a/c. Yes, even in Texas. I know, that’s the way you like it. 🙂

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