Free iPod

Have you seen the freeiPods banners that have been floating around the web? Well I have been skeptically interested in them. I did a little bit of research, and either their hoax is very elaborate, or this is a legitimate deal. Read more about it at Wired and Geek.

It looks like these companies offer a new type of marketing. They make their money through offering services. And it turns out there are dozens of other items that you can get through these services. Mac Mini’s, Treo 650’s, flat panel monitors, the list goes on.

So, I started my bid for an iPod today. One of the deals is that I need to refer 5 people. If you want to help me get an iPod (and get one for yourself in the process), please click here, create an account and select a product that you’re interested in. If you also shoot me an email I’ll do what I can to help you find YOUR 5 referrals as well, so that we all come out ahead.

Get a free iPod!

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  1. I signed up for the 0% APR Citibank Visa. I also signed up for the free Mini Mac and subscribed to Blockbuster’s videos on demand thing. It looks real enough to me right now, but I’ll be a believer when I get my iPod and Mac.

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