The end of the semester draws nigh. I have a lot of work to do between now & the middle of May. I need to finish strong in all of my classes. I’m just now starting to grasp Dynamics and Mechanics of Solids. I’m still stymied by Differential Equations, I have to stare at the page for a long time before the pieces start to fit together. I checked Amazon for “Differential Equations for Dummies”, but it doesn’t exist. Apparently dummies aren’t interested in DiffEQ. Dang.

Sometimes I feel like I’m keeping up, and sometimes I’m in a daze. Sunday I felt like I was up to speed. This morning we learned about Laplace transformations, and my brain is grappling with understanding a function that operates on functions.

I just got my final exam schedule for this semester. UT was kind to me this time. I have a Friday morning exam, the next one is on Saturday morning, and my last one is the following Tuesday afternoon. Usually I have one until 10 PM on a Friday or Saturday night, or I have three in one day. I’m glad that I have a reasonable test schedule this semester.

I finished Searching for God Knows What, great book. I’m still working on my Miller post. I enjoyed Ender’s Game so much the first time that I’ve decided to read it again. So far I have enjoyed it just as much the second time. I’m listening to Beck, I just got his newest (Guero), and its awesome. And, I’m also listening to MMW, in preparation for their upcoming concert.